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0000478Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2008-05-29 14:222009-08-05 11:15
0000478: Add Re-Enter password field in User window
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I have a requirement to re-enter the password again after password is pressed in creation of USER.
The exact requirement is :
1) After the creation of user, we will enter the password for the particular user.
2) Then, it will processed.
The above is the default approach which openbravo have.
My requirement is
I have to add a new filed called Re-enter Password:
After entering the password and Re-enter password, both must be compared as per the case sensitive and also each letter.
Then, after it should processed.
You should modify the file src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_actionButton/EncryptedButtons.html
There you have to add a new field Re-enter password
Once, you have created the field, you have to ensure that the submitcommandfrom
is calling to the depurar function (true in second paramater) and finally, insert
your desired comparation into the depurar function.
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