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0047753POS2Corepublic2021-09-24 10:292021-09-27 13:51
0047753: POS2 only: component providers declared within a JAR are not detected
When a component provider is declared into src/ (normal escenario), the POS 2 compilation process properly detects it.

However, if the same component provider is distributed under a compiled JAR file in lib/runtime/, it's not detected by the compilation process and the js resources are not considered.

In old POS the component providers in a JAR file were properly detected (because we used CDI in tomcat).
In a POS 2 environment:

Clone the [^] in release/20Q4 branch, which is ready to work with POS 2

Clone also its dependency [^]

Run ant smartbuild -Dlocal=no
In core2 folder run "ant"
Restart tomcat

Try to login into the new POS (either using tomcat or the development server). An error is raised because some of the JS in the french fiscal module are not found.

Instead of looking at the src/ folder, try to find the Component Providers available in the classpath. [^]
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has duplicate defect 0047752 closed Retail ComponentProviders in jars are ignored 
related to defect 0047763 closed alostale remove use of guava in core2 build 
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Changeset: 731fcd0c4f9112c6c43a7d46b81fa20b5d876639
Author: Asier Lostalé <>
Date: 2021-09-27T11:51:11+00:00
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fixed ISSUE-47753: ComponentProviders within jars are not included

ComponentProviders that were deployed in jars were not included in
generated JavaScript. In POS1, ComponentProviders are injected by CDI at
runtime, POS2 requieres them at build time when there is no CDI. It was
checking java files within src directory which does not handle jars.

This has been replaced by looking at the classpath including both
compiled classes in build/classes and any jar from

M src/org/openbravo/core2/build/