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0047717POS2Corepublic2021-09-20 12:062021-10-18 10:21
0047717: JIRA 2327 - POS - no incremental refresh of "Hardware manager"
When updating the "Hardware manager" data in BO
Then they are not updating on the POS after refresh
Configure a product with a notification

Connect to POS
Add the product to the sales order
=> a notification is sent to the given hardware manager

In BO, change the address of the Hardware manager

On the POS, refresh the data
Do an order with the same product and check the address of the hardware manager when the notification is generated
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related to design defect 0047591 acknowledged platform Terminal model not updated in incremental refresh 
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2021-09-23 10:55   
This is configuration data no master data. It is part of the terminal information which is reloaded on login
2021-09-23 11:14   
Add some precision :

This is the HWM defined in "Hardware manager" window and used for "Notification" product.
Not the hardware manager defined for the terminal

Relogging don't reload this data.