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0047696: JIRA 2314 - Add vat rate of the menu components
A menu can be composed of components with different vat.
The VAT of each rate is correctly saved in the data of the sales order in BO, but we don't have the initial name/rate of the vat
For example:
Menu VAT => name=3, rate=10%
Component A => name=3, rate=10%
Component B => name=2, rate=20%

In this case, the vat amount of the menu is not calculated using its own vat, but using the vat of each component over their prices.

In the BO, we correctly have the amount of each vat like to a menu.
But we lost the information of the vat name/rate the components at the time of the sales order
For a sales order, in "Menu items" tab of a "menu" lines, add:
- vat name
- vat rate

I may be also interesting to add vat category ?

When importing a sales order in BO, save the vat name/vat rate of the component when the order was made
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depends on backport 0047728TAP closed AugustoMauch JIRA 2314 - Add vat rate of the menu components 
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