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0047693POS2Restaurantspublic2021-09-14 17:472021-09-16 12:47
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0047693: New restaurant menus are merged into existing ones
In a ticket that contains a restaurant menu, if a new menu of the same time is added, it will replace the original menu, even if the products selected in each of those menus are different.
In a pos2 environment that contains the restaurant module:
- Add a menu (i.e. Simple Menu with Onion Soup, Hamburguer, Beer, Cheesecake). It will added to the ticket as expected
- On the keymap, click on the same menu (i.e. Simple Menu). Notice that instead of being added to a separate line, the quantity of the original line has been increased to 2.
- Complete the creation of the new menu by selecting different products from the first one (i.e. Cesar Salad, Carbonara Pizza, Water, Brownie. Notice that the ticket still contains only one line with quantity=2, and the products included in the original menu have been lost

See attached video to see it in action.
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blocks defect 0047692 closed AugustoMauch New restaurant menus are merged into existing ones 
gif WrongMergedMenu.gif (589,785) 2021-09-14 17:49
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