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0047657: Errors when opening two POS tabs/windows on the same computer
Problems when making a cashup when the user opens two tabs / windows with the same POS on the same computer and makes different payments.

Attached video of the client and in livebuilds.
1)Open Openbravo 3.0RR21Q1.3 backend

2) Access Preferences and check the status of the Property "Terminal Authentication enabled". Appears with value "Y".

3)Open a POS and sell normally. We make 2 tickets of € 10 each and we charge in cash

4) Open a second POS , which opens by default in a new browser tab.

5) Check from the new POS that the tickets already sold from the old POS are listed. And check the amount of sales offered by a Partial Closing. That's right, the two € 10 tickets appear and the Partial Closing adds up to € 20.

6) Make new sales at this new POS.
We check again that new tickets are still being recorded from Open Ticket. All the previous tickets appear and also the two new ones of € 5 each, and we also check a Partial Closing that is correct since it gives us a total of € 30.

7) Change focus to "old" POS window/tab. To avoid blocking the window, refresh the browser with F5 or icon.

8)Check the old "the total of tickets made in both from Open Order, and everything OK, the same is OK".

9)Check the "old" POS for a partial cashup. ERROR: the amount of sales in the "old" is different and less than the last calculated in the other window, it seems that it does not take into account the sales made in the open air after this one. He gives us € 20 and not € 30.

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depends on backport 0047755RR21Q3.3 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com Errors when opening two POS tabs/windows on the same computer 
depends on backport 0047756RR21Q2.4 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com Errors when opening two POS tabs/windows on the same computer 
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Fixed ISSUE-47657: State Persistence should be prevented if application UI is locked
* When POS is opened in another tab, last tab UI will be blocked and State Persistence should be prevented

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