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0047637: Issue in Promotions with free products
When a "Free Products per Total Amount" promotion is created and applied on sales on the web POS it shows an incorrect number of applies.
Attached video.
1) We enter the "Discounts and promotions" window and create a record.

2)Let the default fields except the "Type of discount / promotion" field, select "Free products for total amount" and in "Filter options" we leave all the Default fields exept for the "Include Price Lists" field and select "Defined Only".
In "Definition" go to the field "Total receipt", add an amount of "500" and select the check "Just One Time", then go to the TAB "Free products" and add any product, for example "Lubricante Multiusos MTR Kilogramo"

3) Login to the Web POS

4) Make a sale for an amount greater than 500 and add the product defined on "Free Product" tab, for example: "Multipurpose Lubricant MTR Kilogram" that was created previously.

5)Verify that the discount is applied to the product "Lubricante Multiusos MTR Kilogramo" but there are two units
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2021-10-04 14:10   
any update?
2021-10-04 19:16   
Attached patch for 18Q3 will fix the mentioned issue
2021-10-06 13:33   
Issue doesn't happen in latest releases. We attached patch for 18Q3 release.