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0047571Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2021-08-18 14:442021-10-27 13:25
0047571: Sales Order Line is not rendered after clearing the filter and creating a Sale Order
Unable to create sales order line as the input fields are not rendered successfully (not responding) after cleared the filter and clicked "Create One" button.
In any ERP instance such as [^]

1.) Open Sales Order window
2.) Clear filter
3.) Click "Create a new record in a form" button, fill in mandatory fields in header, save the header.
4.) Click "Create One" button in Lines tab.

See the attached video.
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related to defect 0047903 closed Triage Omni WMS Record focus loss issues after header creation 
related to defect 0047309 closed AugustoMauch Creation of invoices from the grid, loss of Focus 
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2021-10-06 16:06   
The steps to reproduce it have been retested. Always occurs when testing after removing the filter.

In the backoffice of the retail releases it works fine.
2021-10-27 13:25   
Hello Sergio,

I think this issue is a duplicate of [^] That's why you can reproduce it in 20Q3 but not in 20Q4.

Can you check it, please? And if you confirm that it cannot be reproduced on pi we can close it as a duplicate.