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0047571Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2021-08-18 14:442021-09-02 08:53
0047571: Sales Order Line is not rendered after clearing the filter and creating a Sale Order
Unable to create sales order line as the input fields are not rendered successfully (not responding) after cleared the filter and clicked "Create One" button.

In addition, this issue is not happen consistently. Sometimes the input fields will rendered successfully after clicked "Create One" button and can proceed to save the lines but sometimes it doesn't.

In any ERP instance such as [^]

1.) Open Sales Order window
2.) Clear filter
3.) Click "Create a new record in a form" button, fill in mandatory fields in header, save the header.
4.) Click "Create One" button in Lines tab. (Note: Sometimes it will success, sometimes it will fail. You may need to try few more time to see the error)

See the attached video.
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? video.mp4 (2,366,402) 2021-08-18 14:44
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