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0047487Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2021-08-03 04:582021-09-16 07:12
highmajorhave not tried
0047487: Not reversable payment method is shown as reversable in orders partially paids
When an order is partially paid with a non reversable payment method and it's loaded in the Pos the payment method is shown as reversable
As White Valley Group admin role
Go to Touchpoint Type and select YS Pos Terminal Type
Edit Credit card Payment Method as no reversable
Log In YS-11 Pos Terminal
Add an Avalancha Transceiver product to the receipt
Paid partially using Card as payment method
Open the previous receipt created and check the payment method show the reversable button
Hide the reversable button in OB.OBPOSPointOfSale.UI.RenderPaymentLine.renderPaymentLine function if the payment method is non reversable
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related to defect 0044702 closed prakashmurugesan88 Can't remove payments of a sale on credit when trying to complete its payments if payment method marked as reversable = N 
related to defect 0047162 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com Users cannot continue with the ticket after adding overpayment in payment methods that do not allow overpayment. 
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Fixed ISSUE-47487: Reversable Button should be shown based on isreversable configuration

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