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0047435: Avoid asking to Login again if we are in a middle of a process
If we do a request and the response es 401 because the session is not valid, we show Login Again popup and we can logout. If we are in the middle of a process and we do logout, we can have bugs.

We are processing an order and before pressing Done, the server is restarted. In preOrderSave hook a module does a request to backend and we get 401 response, so the Login Again popup is shown and we can press Login Again. We will do logout and the complete ticket has not finished yet. It should not be errors but we should avoid doing this because is risky and could cause bugs if we take into account the differente implementation in clients.
Launch login again popup just if there are no processes in execution
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Author: Miguel de Juana <>
Date: 2021-07-22T15:17:27+02:00
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Fixed ISSUE-47435: Avoid asking to Login again if we are in a middle of a process

- We remove if else when response is 401, we will have an if for 401
case and else will be execute always (unless we do return)

- Login Again popup won't be launch if there are processes in execution
to avoid breaking flows and causing bugs

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2021-07-26 09:27   
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