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0047411POS2Corepublic2021-07-19 12:592021-07-20 07:00
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0047411: npm audit reports issues for CRA
When npm audit is executed, some issues are reported for CRA dependencies.

Transitory dependencies with those issues cannot be easily updated (without ejecting CRA) and it seems CRA's team is not planning to get those fixed claiming they are not exploitable [1].

[1] [^]
Run npm audit in core2:

$ npm audit --production
found 8 vulnerabilities (6 moderate, 2 high) in 2010 scanned packages
  run `npm audit fix` to fix 2 of them.
  1 vulnerability requires semver-major dependency updates.
  5 vulnerabilities require manual review. See the full report for details.

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related to defect 0046777 closed platform Update package-lock.json to fix npm audit issues 
related to design defect 0047415 new Retail npm audit reports issues for Storybook 
related to defect 0047535 acknowledged platform Update package-lock.json to fix npm audit issues 
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