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0047396Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2021-07-14 17:022021-10-04 17:42
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0047396: No ticket information arrives at the completeTicket post hook in stateAPI because it is reset before.
Some ticket information (documentNo, id ...) is removed in the removeTicket function before being stored in the new state and cannot be accessed in a postHook to manage it.
- In livebuilds 21q2 release
- Login to the pos
- Open the chrome developer tools
- Open the web/js/gen file in pretty print mode
- Put breakpoints on line 38418: ({ticketList: newTicketList, ticket: newTicket} = OB.App.State.TicketList.Utils.removeTicket(newTicketList, newTicket, payload));
and on line 38424: return newGlobalState;
-In the POS pay a product and select Done
-Check at the first breakpoint that the newTicket variable has the information of the ticket (such as documentNo) and select play button to resume script execution.
-Check at the second breakpoint that in the NewGlobalState.Ticket does not appears the ticket information because it was deleted in the removeTicket function.

As a result, the following postHooks cannot access the information of the ticket in the state.
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Habitual behavior of the hook. The information of the last ticket can be accessed through the messages model.