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0047386Retail ModulesSend By Emailpublic2021-07-13 14:352021-07-22 18:48
0047386: "Send E-mail" pop-up shows up after failure to finish payment.
When using the 'Send email from web POS' module, create a ticket with a partial payment and try to finish it, the popup "Send email" is shown even though the ticket has not been completed and it should not been shown.
Install the Send email from web POS module (org.openbravo.retail.sendemail)
Configure an smtp server to be able to send emails (on the Client window)
Configure a customer to receive invoices via email, and configure the Touchpoint Type to send emails.

Create a ticket in Web POS, select a customer, add a product, and make a partial payment.
Click: Done and then Open.
An error popup will appear stating that is not possible to continue, click "Ok".
It should return to the ticket to either complete the payment or Delete the receipt, but instead shows the the "Send E- mail" popup.
The popup visibility is managed with a OBPOS_PreOrderSave hook in file:

A simple solution is to add a check to var: shouldDialogBeDisplayed, to see if the order has a pending amount to pay: currentOrder.getPending(), it is already being done but only for layway (var paidLayaway).
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Fixed BUG-47386: "Send E-mail" pop-up shows up after failure to finish payment

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