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0047368: Product Gift Card Identifier Autogenerated
Product Gift Card Identifier Autogenerated

need of having Product Gift Card Identifier Autogenerated when we sell a Product Gift Card [^]
Today, in Identifier field, the user scans the barcode of a physical Product Gift Card: but some projects are willing to have 100% digital Product Gift Cards

Need: have Product Gift Card Identifier field autogenerated
Solution: if option is configured, have Identifier field readonly and filled automatically with an unique sequence.

How to configure this?
* On one side we should indicate somehow that the stores of a certain country for instance want to have Product Gift Card Identifier autogenerated (a Preference?)
* What about that autogenerated sequence? Should be random? How many characters? Since I don't think it is worth adding to the terminal a Product Gift Card Document Sequence Prefix (in the same way we have a Gift Certificate Document Sequence Prefix in Touchpoint window)

How it is printed and used:
* Somehow this identifier, since it is not a physical product gift card with a barcode, should be indicated somewhere: printed in the ticket and in the emailed ticket
* This Product Gift Card is attached to the user that purchased the Product gift card, but should be usable by any user that has the identifier.
* Should be also searchable using the identifier.
* What if the customer lost the identifier: should be searchable by the user that purchased the Product Gift Card
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Comments from Guillermo:

    Development is CUSTOM
    Generates a 12 chars identifier
    Sets identifier field as read-only in the popup of creation of Product Gift Card
    Owner of the Product Gift Card is set equal to the Business Partner of the ticket
    There is NO Preference to make it configurable for some Organizations only: we would have to create a Preference "Autogenerated Product Gift Card Identifier" with default value = N
    This has been done in 21Q1 code, should be easy to replicate to 20Q3
    Here the repo [^]