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0047281Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Francepublic2021-06-29 14:252021-07-09 14:41
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0047281: Some Exempt tax rates are not configured properly
Some Exempt tax rates are not configured properly
Below listed tax rates must be configured as Tax Exempt = Yes

Export DOM-TOM Normale
Export DOM-TOM Réduite

Hors CEE Intermédiaire
Hors CEE Normale
Hors CEE Particulier
Hors CEE Réduite
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Fixed ISSUE-47281: Some Exempt tax rates are not configured properly

M referencedata/standard/Taxes_France.xml
M src-db/database/sourcedata/AD_DATASET.xml
M src-db/database/sourcedata/AD_MODULE.xml
2021-07-09 14:41   
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