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0047264ModulesFrench Fiscalpublic2021-06-28 15:422021-07-13 12:55
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0047264: Configuration of 'Region' and 'Destination Region' in the 'Tax rate' header does not work, for instance 8.5 DOM-TOM

Configuration of 'Region' and 'Destination Region' in the 'Tax rate' header does not work, for instance 8.5 DOM-TOM.

1°)When you paid a ticket in WebPOS for a store which have a region defined in the header of tax rate, there is two taxes are used instead just one.
see the attchment.

2°)When i use a loader, the tax is not good in the BO.

A)Paid a ticket in the WebPOs
1°)In the WEBPOS, for a store in region=Guadeloupe, paid a ticket.
2°)Two tax are writing :
=>TVA 8,5 DOM TOM => the good taxe for the product.
=>Export DOM TOM Normal => a bad taxe.
3°)In sales order, in the back office, the bad taxe is present in tab Tax.

B)Use a loader.
In sales order, in the back office, the taxe present is not good in tab Tax.
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2021-06-29 14:02   
This issue is not reproducable as described in this issue.
Real problem here is that the tax Export DOM TOM Normal is not configured as Tax Exempt while it should be.

This issue is going to be closed as not change required. A new one will be open to properly configure exempt tax rates in FR Taxes dataset.