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0047244POS2Corepublic2021-06-24 15:472022-02-01 08:07
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0047244: Pending to synchronize list should be updated in real-time
Messages pending to be synchronized with backend are stored in an Indexeddb's table. This table is queried each time the "pending to synchronize" dialog is opened. As it was initially intended to show this dialog only when app is offline, there was no need to keep the list value up-to-date, but if we want to show this in online mode as well, it'd be nice to remove the pending messages as they're successfully synchronized.
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When the 'pending to synchronize' dialog is opened, we can track a UI variable and check every fixed interval whether or not the time of the last synchronized message (which can be updated using a sync buffer listener) has changed. If changed, then we can query again for an updated list of pending messages.
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related to defect 0046915 closed jarmendariz No UI feedback in case of having failed messages in the synchronization buffer queue 
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