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0047167POS2POSpublic2021-06-17 09:382021-06-29 17:07
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0047167: JIRA 2108 - Order discount grouping when showing them in separate section
When the "Show order discounts in a separate section" is marked at org level, the system groups all the instances of discounts of the same type in one single line.

In our customer, we are creating different discounts of the same type, because they are sent by an integration.

Without the checkbox marked, we have each discount separated per line (see picture1) but when the checkbox is marked, only one line is showed (see picture2).

We need to mantain both different discounts in a separated way, as for the integration they are different ones
It's not reproductible in tap because we need promotion type "
Variable Discount per Total Amount"

In customer terminal:
1) Search for the client with card number 1401000009113. A popup will be shown, press OK.
2) add a couple of products (it doesn't matter the product)
-- See that the picture1 is reproduced
3) Log out of the POS
4) Go to the backoffice and change the configuration of the organization of the till used (in the till from above, englos) checking the "Show order discounts in a separate section"
5) Log in the same till (the previous order will be loaded)
-- See that the picture2 is reproduced.
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