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0047155: [UX] Scrolling the lines of a ticket in a Windows 7 touch screen does no behave as expected
The line scrolling while using gestures in a touch screen does not work as expected when the machine has Windows 7.
The same gestures work well in Windows 8, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04, in all cases using the latest version of Chrome.

There are three observed problems:
1. The vertical swipe to move the lines up and down does not have inertia, so the user may perceive it as the application not responding properly
2. The vertical scrollbar does not respond to the drag, only to taps
3. The component seem to "save" the lines scrolled once reached the top or the bottom, that must be redone in the opposite direction and may be perceived as a "frozen" ticket
For problem 1:
1. In a ticket with more than 20 lines, swipe up or down in the ticket area to scroll the lines.
2. [Other systems] The gesture has some inertia, so when it finishes, the lines keep moving or a while.
3. [Windows 7] Notice that when the gesture finishes, the lines do not continue its movement.
4. [Windows 7] Check the gesture in the Order window and the Customer window. Notice those grids do have the intertia the ticket area has not.

For problem 2:
1. In a ticket with more than 20 lines, drag the lateral scrollbar in the ticket area to scroll the lines.
2. [Other systems] The scrollbar is dragged and the user can scroll the lines.
3. [Windows 7] Notice that the scrollbar is not draggable.
4. Notice that in both cases tapping after/before the bar allows scrolling

For problem 3:
1. In a ticket with more than 20 lines, swipe down until reaching the end of the ticket. Keep swiping down three more times
2. [Other systems] Swipe up once and check that, as expected, the ticket lines move
3. [Windows 7] Swipe up once and check that the lines do not move. Swipe up again, the lines do not move. Again, nothing. Finally, after the fourth swipe, the lines get moving. It looks like the number of swippings done in step 1 were "saved" and the component is expecting the same amount of swipes backwards to react.
4. Notice the same scenario applies to swiping up at the beginning of the ticket.

As this problem could not be reproduced in other operating system, and given the fact that we are using the latest version of Chrome in all the tested systems, it looks related to Windows 7. It might be also related to the hardware, my suggestion is to try to reproduce it in a virtual machine with Windows 7 to double check this.
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