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0047153: [JIRA 1904/1974/1901] In a ticket with several lines, adding a product several times may miss a tap
When a ticket has several lines (more than 20 or 25 on livebuilds using a decent hardware), tapping in rapid sequence on the keymap to add products may miss one action.
1. Open a livebuilds context in a touch screen computer (a touch screen can be replaced by activating the Device Toolbar in the Chrome Developer Tools)
2. Enter a vallblanca
3. Add one of each products available in the POS until the ticket contains at least 20 or 25 lines
4. Seek for a ticket that has not been added yet and tap on it 5 times. While the expected behaviour is to have 5 units of this product added to the ticket, very often it ends up with only 4 or 3.

This is also easily reproducible by opening the debugging tools and selecting 6x slowdown on the CPU combo of the Performance tab
Given that the issue can be reproduced in any computer, it is NOT a hardware specific problem.
Given that the issue can be reproduced in livebuilds, it is NOT an environment-related problem.

Check whether or not it is a side effect of the discounts engine.
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related to defect 0047075 closed Retail JIRA 1904 / 1974 /1901 - sometimes when pressing on keymap some product are missing or the button is not selected 
depends on backport 0047154TAP acknowledged jarmendariz [JIRA 1904/1974/1901] In a ticket with several lines, adding a product several times may miss a tap 
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2021-07-01 07:22   
I did a bit of very superficial profiling. My conclusions were:
- I do reproduce the problem if I set CPU throttle to 6x. It is not catastrophic, but it is clearly visible, and annoying.

- I did profiling, and saw that the total action of adding a product that creates a new line, with a small ticket, took around 600 ms. From that time, less than 60 ms (so <10% of the time ) was spent on business logic execution, adding the product to the ticket, calculating taxes, discounts and total. The remaining (>90%) was spent on React-related functions and events.

So it seems business logic layer is not causing the problem here, and in fact we have some inefficiencies in the UI that we need to understand.
2021-09-03 15:19   
It seems that this issue has been fixed within the best deal case development: [^]