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0047092Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2021-06-11 19:292022-02-01 08:07
Triage Platform Base 
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0047092: Remove guava library as it is no longer needed as a dependency of weld
That library was used in the past as a dependency for weld.

However after last weld update it is no longer required.

We should try to remove the library to avoid the need to maintain / update it.

Note that a couple of java files starting using part of guava directly in their code. All of those are needed to change slightly change to avoid using it first
Find and remove any user of guava (searching for and change each of them to use i.e. standard jdk functions instead.
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related to defect 0047114 closed alostale Modules google-oauth-client library should be update to the latest release 
depends on defect 0047093 closed platform Openbravo ERP Remove use of guava library in java code of backoffice 
depends on defect 0047094 new Triage Platform Conn Modules Remove use of guava library in java code of integration 
depends on defect 0047095 closed Retail Retail Modules mobile.core: Remove guava usage in java code 
depends on defect 0047096 scheduled alostale Retail Modules posterminal: Remove guava usage in java code 
depends on defect 0047097 new Triage Omni WMS Modules Remove use of guava library in java code 
depends on defect 0047098 new Triage Omni WMS Modules AWO-selftreplenishment:Remove use of guava library in java code 
depends on defect 0047763 closed alostale POS2 remove use of guava in core2 build 
blocks design defect 0047090 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Tracking issue: Library update 
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When removing this library, check module as its google-api-client dependency declares a dependency on guava.