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0047062Openbravo ERPZ. Otherspublic2021-06-11 10:352021-06-11 14:20
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0047062: api change: Removal of (obsolete) OBDB2v97Dialect support class
Many years ago partial work was done to support db2 database in openbravo.

That work was never completed and most of it being removed already.

However this internal class was left around until now.

It is only used (in theory) of database type in is set to DB2 which does not make any sense and no code to make that work (in the rest of Openbravo is present.

Risk: none
Search for DB2 in code (no references)
Look 32799 which removed other db2 related code already in 17Q1 (2016)
related to defect 0047056 closed shuehner Remove leftover code from long obsolete db2 support (which was never finished) 
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Author: Stefan Huehner <>
Date: 2021-06-11T11:53:43+02:00
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fixes ISSUE-47062: API change for removing obsolete db2-support class

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