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0047058POS2Restaurantspublic2021-06-10 17:252021-07-16 11:32
0047058: JIRA 1836 - Arrows to review on Keymap
We encounter difficulties with arrows on keymap, in fact for an optimal utilization, we think :
- display every time the arrow without hiding it
- resize the arrow because sometimes, it is very difficult to press it
- and/or put it on another place, because sometimes we touch the bouton instead of the arrow, and it is mandatory to touch again the screen

All these scénérii has to be developped by testing on flunch till (F11/fulll screen mode)
Cf. video in related Jira
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2021-06-18 11:53   
Thanks to David analyze explanation done to the client , mainly he is waiting for the last corrections on carrousel, we agreed to test these corrections before.
2021-07-16 11:32   
Changes in carrousel fixes the problem