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0047046: JIRA 1936 - UX - furtiv message when changing the category or sales area
Actually when a keymap for a caterory is empty we display this message :
Pas de produits définis pour cette catégorie → OK, this message corresponds to the context

But when I go to another category which has products, the message is always display before displaying the related keymap → it is needed to manage an additional message (load in progress for exemple )

The same when changing the sales area. Before display the keymap, the system indicate there are no products before displaying the product.

It's necessary to display a kind of load in progress, then 2 options :
- display product
- or indicate there are no product to display

at the end the problem is that just 1 kind of message is managed
Switch between category and sales area
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This fix will be included in the full Keymap refactor project
2021-07-15 12:36   
Already fixed in the Keymap refactor