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0046990: JIRA-1763: Ticket Type color does not work with Translations
In the Window to Open previous Orders, the Type of the Order has different colors based on it's value.
However, when it is translated (from Receipt to Ticket, for example) it does not work.
It is necessary to install an extra translation module and/or to ensure that there is a translation for the language selected by the user for the records of the reference named 'POS Order Type' (In reference Window)

With that requirement met, in the POS.
Click on the Orders menu entry
Check the list of orders
Check that the values of the type column are not shown with different colors
In the file TicketRemoteTypeCellRender.js

const getOrderType = value => {
  return (Terminal.orderType.find(type => === value) || {}).name;

This is used to retrieve the css based on the orderType name.
Both the scss file and this method should be modified to use the searchKey (or id field) instead, which is not translated.

In is possible to see the data retrieved for this model.

This change must also be done (or something similar) in TicketLocalTypeCellRender.js file
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