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0046988: Reproducible in 19Q3 version. Deleted ticket stuck in the EWI because a NaN discount is calculated under some circumstances
The problem is that a Total Discount is calculated for a line of 0 (which already had a User Defined Amount discount). This total discount is calculated as a NaN value. In case this ticket is deleted it will be stuck in the Errors While Importing window with the following message: Error in OrderLoader: JSONObject["amt"] not found.
1. Add Avalanche product to the ticket
2. Add Insect repellent product to the ticket
3. Click on Discount and apply a User Defined Amount discount of 14.50 to the Insect Repellent line (so the amount for this line is 0)
4. Click on Discount and apply a Variable discount total amount of 10 to the ticket

The discount of 10 amount will be distributed for both lines, calculating a NaN discount amount for the second line, which is wrong (attached image from the customer for reference)

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png NaN.png (75,775) 2021-06-04 13:13

patch 0001-Fixed-BUG-46988-If-roundedDiscount-variable-is-undef.patch (2,594) 2021-07-14 14:43
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