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0046756POS2POSpublic2021-05-20 14:072021-10-11 12:49
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0046756: It is not possible to pay a ticket if the product "Installation pack" has been added
Paying a ticket does not work in case the product "Installation pack" has been added. An error "Cannot read property 'reduce' of undefined" is shown.
1. Add the product "Installation pack", located at "Trekking & Camping" category
2. Pay the ticket with the total amount in Cash
3. An error is shown "Cannot read property 'reduce' of undefined" as shown in the attached screenshot
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png InstallationPack.png (45,757) 2021-05-20 14:07
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2021-05-21 18:40   
Products marked as service are not supported in current version of POS2. They should be ignored by keymap to avoid errors

2021-07-14 13:05   
This issue has been updated as Feature Request to support Service Products in the POS2 in the future, or to exclude them from the Keymap if they are never going to be supported