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0046646: Allow multiple instances per line flag for manual promotionsis not working properly
Allow multiple instances per line allows to define the same manual promotion (m_offer_id) to be applied to the same line.

If the flag is unchecked, in old POS if a manual promotion is added to a line but this promotion was already in the line, the new added promotion overrides the previous applied promotion

If the flag is checked,every time this manual promotion is added, it will generate a new instance of the promotion (discountinstance property from promotion object)
1) Configure Allow multiple instances per line allows flag in any way
2) The behavior is always the same
For new POS, this is the expected behavior with "Allow multiple instances per line" flag:
  - Manual Promotion with flag CHECKED
      The promotion is added always to the ticket and the promotion object should generate a discountinstance value using an UUID
  - Manual Promotion with flag UNCHECKED
    - Ticket has not applied the promotion -> Add the promotion
    - Ticket has applied the promotion before -> A error message is shown indicating it cannot be added again

To know if a promotion is the same, we should always check the id and the discountinstance of the promotion
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