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0046598Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2021-05-10 11:522021-05-11 14:54
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0046598: Web POS needs to manage "Price List including taxes" under "tax exempt" scenarios.
Web POS needs to manage Price List including taxes under "tax exempt" scenarios.
When a customer is “tax exempt” meaning all the taxes goes to 0%, the tax is well calculated but the price remains the same as with normal taxes.
For example :
If a product as 20% tax and its final price is 120€ :

If the customer is a regular customer :
the gross price of the product will be 120€ which is correct
The net price of the product will be 100€ which is correct
The amount of the tax will be 20€ which is correct

If the customer is “tax exempt” :
The gross price will be 120€ instead of 100€
The net price will be 120€ instead of 100€
The amount of the tax will be 0€ which is correct
See spec attached.

As it seems what included in the attached spec, it is not likely the best solution, as it is not likely that the end-customer can provide prices net of taxes. To be double check.

First thing to understand here is whether the end-customer can have price list including taxes and price list net of taxes, therefore net of taxes ones can be assigned to exempt customers.

Finally, there are situations where the transaction itself is net of taxes (Intracommunity sales), in such cases the tax is going to be exempt and a price list including taxes will probably be used.

In such last cases, it will be possible to tag a given tax rate(Entregas IVA 21%), within a given tax category (IVA Normal) as the "Tax Base" tax rate, to be used in those cases.
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duplicate of feature request 0046314 closed jetxarri Net Prices must be used if a sale is created for an exempt BP for products having a price list including taxes. 
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