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0046581: [21Q2] JIRA-1902: The swipe gesture scrolls different in the Carousel component
When using other applications, other webpages or even other components inside the POS, the behaviour of the swipe gesture works in the same way. However, when using the Carousel component, it does not respond to the user actions in the same way. See steps.
Note: Since this report is about gestures, some steps might be difficult to describe. Feel free to contact me to clarify any point if required.

0. Preconditions: The POS is in the main screen, and it has Carousel active for Category (horizontal) and Product (vertical)
1. Execute a short and quick swipe right in Category. Notice the next page is partially shown but the action is not completed and the first page remains. Use the same action in, for example, the device screens, and check it is completed there.
2. Execute a long and slow swipe down in Product. Notice that at some point the new page quickly becomes the active one (i.e. the product where the user started the swipe is not under the user finger anymore). In a native application this does not happen.

Here there is a video comparing current behavior with standard Android OS one: [^]
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depends on backport 0047267TAP closed hernan-dp [21Q2] JIRA-1902: The swipe gesture scrolls different in the Carousel component 
related to defect 0047178 closed AugustoMauch JIRA-1902: First click after changing the keymap page does not select the clicked element 
related to defect 0047357 acknowledged Retail When changing a page on a keymap the speed of the movement is not uniform 
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Merge Request created: [^]
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 899088f8cfe2a5ba2843f672124cdbb1166057e7
Author: Angel Eduardo <>
Date: 2021-07-07T13:52:53+02:00
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-46581: Adding optional gesture configuration to BaseKeymap and also makes those values relative to the fontBase.

Also, this commit allows to configure the velocity the gesture has to be made in order to execute the carousel change page triggering.

A web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseKeymap/PaginationGesture.config.json
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseKeymap/BaseKeymap.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseKeymap/hooks/usePagination.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/ob-init.js
2021-07-07 13:56   
Merge request merged: [^]