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0046571: [21Q2] Payment Method is not properly recorded using Return Orders when Credit Notes are configured
Paying a Return Receipt with overpayment induces the Payment Method field is wrongly recorded in backoffice.
0-Configure Credit Notes for Card and Voucher Payment Methods for CMS-1.
1-Log in CMS-1 as centralmountains.
2-Add 1x "Balaclava Cap".
3-Click Return order and Pay button.
4-Add 200€ and use Card as Payment Method. Pay and confirm overpayments.
5-Go to backoffice and go to "Return from Customer" window.
6-Select the just created record and go to Payment Plan tab and check Payment Method field. DEFECT: Realise Payment Method field shows Cash.
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Same applies to "normal" sales.
2021-06-16 17:38   
There is a rule defined a long time ago about the payment method field in the payment plan tab, when orders come from the POS. The rule is: the payment method selected in the payment plan will be the default payment method for the business partner, unless there is only one payment detail. In the case there is only one payment method detail, then the selected payment method will be the payment method of the only payment related to this payment detail.

In this example, as there is overpayment later on returned in credit note, there are actually two payment details associated with the payment plan, and therefore the business partner default payment method is selected.