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0046546POS2POSpublic2021-05-06 14:082021-07-14 15:38
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0046546: SelectCurrentSchema user action does more than it should
SelectCurrentSchema user action does several things:
- Change schema to the provided schema
- Change current window to main window
- Change current flow to add product flow
- Change multilineSelection to default(not open)

This is incorrect and should be changed. The user action should only change the schema and maybe the multilineselection, but both current window and current flow should be changed in using the corresponding user action for these.
In description.
Two options:
1. Change all places that call SelectCurrentSchema to also call afterwards switch current window and switch flow user action. This will allow removing those calls from inside SelectCurrentSchema, which should not be responsible to know of any window/flow.
2. Change SelectCurrentSchema to call the correct user action for SelectCurrentWindow/SelectCurrentFlow and document that this user action does that too, not only changing the schema.
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