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0046520Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2021-05-05 16:382021-05-17 10:14
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0046520: junit DataSourceSecurity.fetchShouldBeAllowedOnlyIfRoleIsGranted fails on Tomcat9 (only for Datasource: AccountTreeMovement)
This junit test fails when application is deployed on tomcat 9.x but only for the specific datasource AccountTreeMovement.
It shows 4 failures as four RoleTypes are tested for each dataSource.

Problem is the test triggering the following error on tomcat 9.x:
May 05 12:27:36 ip-172-31-9-130 tomcat9[2709]: Error parsing HTTP request header
May 05 12:27:36 ip-172-31-9-130 tomcat9[2709]: Note: further occurrences of HTTP request parsing errors will be logged at DEBUG level.
May 05 12:27:36 ip-172-31-9-130 tomcat9[2709]: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in the request target. The valid characters are defined in RFC 7230 and RFC 3986

Deploy application with tomcat 9.x
ant run.test -Dtest=org.openbravo.test.datasource.DataSourceSecurity

Check result*.xml file in src/ folder for the result of the test run
Fix the invalid request target (values in url) to be valid.

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depends on backport 0046567PR21Q1.2 closed alostale junit DataSourceSecurity.fetchShouldBeAllowedOnlyIfRoleIsGranted fails on Tomcat9 (only for Datasource: AccountTreeMovement) 
depends on backport 0046568PR20Q4.4 closed alostale junit DataSourceSecurity.fetchShouldBeAllowedOnlyIfRoleIsGranted fails on Tomcat9 (only for Datasource: AccountTreeMovement) 
depends on backport 0046579PR21Q2 closed alostale junit DataSourceSecurity.fetchShouldBeAllowedOnlyIfRoleIsGranted fails on Tomcat9 (only for Datasource: AccountTreeMovement) 
blocks design defect 0046518 new platform Support Tomcat 9 
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Problem can also be reproduced by directly using curl for the url:
http://localhost:8080/openbravo/org.openbravo.service.datasource/D2F94DC86DEC48D69E4BFCE59DC670CF?_skinVersion=Default&_create=true&Constants_FIELDSEPARATOR=$&_new=true&_contextUrl=http://localhost:8080/openbravo&Constants_IDENTIFIER=_identifier&_startRow=0&_endRow=200&referencedTableId=188&parentRecordId=56E65CF592BD4DAF8A8A879810646266&tabId=132&_selectedProperties=['searchKey','name','elementLevel','accountType','showValueCondition','summaryLevel']&@FinancialMgmtElement.client@=23C59575B9CF467C9620760EB255B389& [^]
It shows:
curl: (3) bad range specification in URL position 372:

As first test just properly encoding the [ and ] values in the url avoid the problems.
Patch for testing is attached to this issue. However probably the whole URL should be properly URL-encoded.
2021-05-05 16:42   
Note that probably we need to back-patch that not only to open releases but maybe more (to cover any codeline wanted to be tested in CI (i.e. customer branches) assuming we want to switch all CI over to new stack having only tomcat)
2021-05-11 10:36   
Merge Request created: [^]
2021-05-17 10:14   
Merge request merged: [^]
2021-05-17 10:14   
Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 2af65c29fdfb7f3b24a3d11f954354e8b238a861
Author: Asier Lostalé <>
Date: 2021-05-17T08:14:30+00:00
URL: [^]

fixes BUG-46520: DataSourceSecurity fails on Tomcat9

fetchShouldBeAllowedOnlyIfRoleIsGranted test was creating an invalid
request by adding some parameters with special characters and not
ecoding them. Tomcat 9 is stricter parsing URLs than previous version,
not allowing this case.

Fixed by removing those parameters that were causing problems as they
were not ncessary.

M src-test/src/org/openbravo/test/datasource/