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0046496: Incorrect payment rounding for partial payments
The payment rounding is incorrectly applied in case the payment rounded is partial under the rounded amount. Then if the payment is completed, the order generates an EWI in the backoffice.

Video: [^]
-Login the backoffice and configure a rounding payment for cash
-Set a rounding down sor sales and up for returns to 0.05 Multiple
-Login the webpos till configured
-Add a product in order to have a total amount of X.99€ (edit it's price if needed)
-Pay X.98€ in a payment method not applying rounding (for example: voucher, card)
-Select the cash payment and press the exact button
-Check that the payment in cash is 0.00 and the rounding is 0.01
-Complete the payment
-Check that an EWI has been generated in the backoffice
There should not be an EWI as above mentioned rouning is correct.

Moreover, we should think on a functional approach to decide about the behavior in this kind of scenario, if required

That approach could be not to round down if the amount to pay (or to be rounded) is less than the amount set as "Rounding multiple in sales/purchase".

For instance a product with a price of 0,03€ (plastic bug) can not be rounded down to 0,00€, but remain as 0.03€, unless rounding up to 0.05€ is configured.
Or, another solution could be not to allow cash payments of such quantities.

See FR related
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related to feature request 0047050 new psanjuan Openbravo Localizations Payment rounding in case of a paid amount smaller than rounding multiple 
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Inquiry sent to double check if the proposed solution is legally complaint, but no news. Review full rounding.

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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Changeset: 232a6eb49b157c800fd6e8c0bb39d7bf6cb205e6
Author: Rafael Queralta <>
Date: 2021-05-24T05:24:35+00:00
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Fixed BUG-46496: If the amount to pay (or to be rounded) is less than the amount set as "Rounding multiple in sales/purchase" not rounding payment will be created

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