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0046416: Manual promotions are not properly applied
Manual promotions (excluding order discounts) are not properly applied in new POS
1) Login in the application
2) Add two products (i.e. Avalanche Transceiver and Balaclava Cap)
3) Select the first line and in the popover, select Discount option
4) Click on "disc_5_var_euro" and change the amount to 10
5) Apply only to the FIRST line
6) Check the promotion of 10 is applied only to the first line
7) Select the second line and in the popover, select Discount option
8) Click on "disc_5_var_euro" and leave the default amount (5)
9) Apply only to the SECOND line
10) Check the promotion of 10 is applied to the first and second line (this is wrong, it should apply 10 to the first line and 5 to the second line)

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