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0004628Java Client POS(No Category)public2008-08-16 03:322008-10-07 11:44
2.10 MP1 
0004628: Payment Config Panel should have a Gateway Options text field
There needs to be a way to configure with the GUI additional options for a specified gateway.

Examples include order number prefix, the merchants email, a default description for a transaction.
Not currently available.
The way I've enabled this was to add a text field to the JPanelConfigPayment class called "Gateway Options" the text field can be anything but I would suggest name value pairs separated by ";". These are easy to manipulate and can be loaded into a properties class. These can be accessed by gateway implementations.

ex:;prefix=MyStore-;description=Food Sales;verbose=true;useip=true;

See attached image.
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jpg PaymentPanel.jpg (32,348) 2008-08-16 03:32
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