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0046183Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2021-03-30 13:352021-03-30 14:09
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0046183: Hierarchy of Price Lists: development to reduce number of records M_PRODUCTPRICE
Hierarchy of Price Lists: development to reduce number of records M_PRODUCTPRICE
Today, even if some few records are different from store to store, we need to replicate the WHOLE price list per store.

have the possibilit to do some kind of hierarchy of price lists to avoid big replicaiton of datas, and records in a child price list only the differences between the base parent price list
related to feature request 0046074 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com Models with multiple queries do not accept pagination by Id 
related to feature request 0046182 new Retail Refactor/improve of Promo Engine and full / incremental refresh to remove the ProductCharacteristicsValue model 
related to defect 0046187 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com WebPOS triggered unexpected Full Refresh 
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