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0004617Java Client POS(No Category)public2008-08-13 06:022008-10-07 11:45
2.10 MP1 
0004617: Need plug-able architecture for payment gateway code
Adding new payment gateway implementations currently necessitates the editing of JPanelConfigPayment and JPaymentlMagCard to add the gateway as an option in the select list and also add any addition configuration options or mandatory data entry during credit card processing.

Since each gateway may have a different sent of options there should be a way to install or dynamically load a .jar containing all of the code and resources for a gateway implementation and also code to configure the gateway. In addition there should be an option to provide the payment panel as well since additional requirements such as Billing Telephone may be required before a credit card payment can be submitted to a gateway.

This is a nice to have feature so that payment gateway implementations are more independent and won't conflict.

API is current insufficient.
This is just a sketch...
1. Ability to package payment gateway code and resources (messages) in separate stand alone jar.
2. Make pos system dynamically load all manifests from lib/gateways/*.jar to dynamically build the gateway selection list.
3. When a payment gateway is chosen a button entitled "Configure" allows user to set options for the gateway such as IP, Email, Merchant ID, Merchant Password, and any other options such as Certify etc.
These options are persisted for later retrieval.
4. For whatever payment gateway is chosen, the payment gateway jar is dynamically loaded and the derived instance of JPaymentMagCard from the jar (identified in the manifest or dynamically) is instantiated and added as one of the payment options.

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