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0046062ModulesAdvance Warehouse Operationspublic2021-03-12 11:432021-03-12 13:31
0046062: Performance issues when issuing orders of more than 900 lines in AWO
Customer reports that the performance on AWO when clicking issue button on a sales order that have more than 900 lines to be issued, is slow
It wastes more than 1 minute and they complain for it, in some occassions they say that it stays forever with the grey loading screen (although it is issued but remains the UI like that, leading to confusions and people relaunching it again for that confusion)
This is a problem with high amount of data and it's not easily reproducible, because one needs to have a sales order ready to be issued with more than 900 lines
Maybe the code related can be reviewed
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zip OB-LOGS (2).zip (4,877,173) 2021-03-12 13:26
png 22352 - 1 minute - after click on issue button and ok.png (166,718) 2021-03-12 13:31
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2021-03-12 12:25   
You don't specify what AWO is doing exactly: is it creating the tasks, or is confirming them, or is creating and autoconfirming them? It's critical to know what exact flow is.

Anyway, 900 lines represents a very big order. If we consider 90 seconds to issue the sales order (you just specify more than 1 minute, so I'm guessing 90 seconds), we have:
90 seconds/ 900 lines = 0.1 second/line which looks reasonable IMHO (obviously there is always room for improvements).

**This kind of performance issues must be logged with a previous analysis**. A profiler should be run in the customer environment to easily analyze where the problem is. If a slow query is detected, it should be attached with the explain plan and a summary about the tables' statistics.
It it's a Java problem, then attach the profiler output file.

I set this issue as in feedback till you're able to provide the necessary data for us to work on it.

2021-03-12 13:31   
It is just creating them. Having a sales order with >900 lines ready to be issued, you click on issue button, then click on ok, then a process is launched with grey screen on that popup which after that disappears and shows the batch of tasks created successfully (here attached the image after that).

I have attached here the log that they have provided. As the problem doesn't happen always we haven't been able to reproduce it then to extract more log or information.

It happens punctually they say, on my test it took 1 minute, but they say that sometimes it stays forever with that grey screen as commented on the issue.