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0045875Retail ModulesRT-Printerpublic2021-02-09 15:052022-01-10 11:14
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0045875: RT Printer v 2.0 - Lottery code
Lottery Law starting from January 2021

Below attached Specs describe Lottery Code implementation in Openbravo as the way to capture customer lottery code in any sale transaction.
See [^] (IT Receitp Lottery - Functional Specs).

Once captured, that lottery code needs to be sent to the RT-Printer by using below listed command:

* Send Lottery personal ID CODE (1-135). Use the Direct-IO command 1-135 to send to the printer the Lottery personal ID Code.

Same way, this lottery code needs to be printed in the commercial document.

To print the lottery code, the sequence of the commands is as follow:
* BeginFiscalReceipt
* PrintRecItem
* PrintRecTotal
* DirectIO
* EndFiscalReceipt

See document [^]

To print out a Lottery Refund/Void receipt the commands sequence is as follow:
* PrintRecMessage (Void/Refund text)
* BeginFiscalReceipt
* PrintRecRefund
* PrintRecTotal
* DirectIO (LotteryIDCode)
* EndFiscalReceipt

The LotteryIDCode must be sent if the original sales receipt was not found in the EJ of the RT Printer. If the original receipt is found in the EJ the RT add the Lottery ID Code available in the original receipt.

In Openbravo terms, verified returns will capture the LotteryIDCode of the original sale, so that one can be sent.
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related to feature request 0046170 acknowledged psanjuan RT Printer v 2.0 - XML 7 changes 
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Lottery part done, missing RT Version 2.0 (new requirements). See issue related.

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Done (see [^]), but do not published in the Forge.
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Hi Antonio,
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