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0004583Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2008-08-06 02:472008-12-10 10:53
0004583: Ability to include explanatory texts next to any field
Currently it is not possible to add an explanation next to a field. Some times, a small text will help very much users fill in the field appropriately. This would be very beneficial from a usability perspective.
Add in the dictionary the option to have an explanatory text for each field.

The explanatory text could either be:
- invisible (ie not present)
- always visible
- visible in verbose mode only (this would be a user selectable mode, where verbosity of the application could be increased or decreased by the user, depending on its preferences)

This explanatory text should not be confused with the "on hover help" or the "help", which are already existing for each field.
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png ExplanatoryText.png (14,205) 2008-08-06 02:47
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