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0045810Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2021-01-29 10:482021-01-29 10:48
Triage Omni OMS 
0045810: Some Master Data information can not be translated
Some Master Data Windows do not have the Translation Tab and it is not possible to translate the data into different languages.

This is important because in some cases it is necessary to define Master Data in an Organization that is shared between different countries and in this case, it should be possible to see the information properly translated.
Windows that should have the translation (there has been already complaints about them):
  * Business Partner Category
  * Price List Schema
  * Payment method
Windows to decide if they should have the translation (not requested yet, but possible candidates):
  * Attribute (and Attribute Value Tab)
  * Attribute Set
  * Product Characteristic (and subtabs)
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