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0045494Retail ModulesCoupons OTFpublic2020-11-24 11:132021-02-19 08:11
0045494: OTF rules expired continue to generate coupons
When an OTF rule is expired, even after till refresh (not full refresh),
the rule continues to generate coupons.

For information, the "refresh data" updated the ending date well in the web browser cache.
- Create a valid OTF rule
- Check on webPOS the rule generate a coupon
- Change the ending date to a previous date than today
- Refresh the terminal (menu > Refresh data)
- do the same ticket than previously

=> The coupon is still generated

To reproduce, I used the last version in livebuild with modules.
We need a fix on 20q3 for Norauto.
If the OTF rule is expired, the coupons should stop to be generated. A patch has been attached
related to defect 0045885 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com OTF Rule generate cupons with products that are excluded. 
related to defect 0045495 closed prakashmurugesan88 Head settings of OTF rules doesn't work as expected 
patch OTF.patch (1,247) 2021-02-09 11:00
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Patch will be added by Christophe Brazier

2021-02-16 06:47   
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Changeset: 12e7571e2850182936edd9d3d8688e78a94ab798
Author: Ranjith S R <>
Date: 2021-02-15T17:00:58+05:30
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Fixed ISSUE-45494: Filter Coupon Rule by Current Date
* Filter Coupon Rule by Current Date by comparing with starting date and ending date

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