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0004544Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2008-07-30 21:422008-12-17 11:09
20ubuntu 7.10
0004544: Streamlined supplier payment facility needed
Although I have still not got to the bottom of how to pay supplier invoices, I can tell already that it is not workable in a "real world" business environment.

The current "Settlement" procedure requires the operator to enter data that the system already knows and involves cancelling existing pending payments to be replaced with alternate payments. This is exposing the data to a degree that causes errors to occur due to misuse.

While it may be amusing to spend 5 minutes paying one supplier the invoices that are due. It is not viable when the operator is expected to pay 50 or 100 suppliers.

What is required is a procedure that:

*Lists all invoices due for payment grouped by supplier (Business Partner) and payment method with a tickbox next to each line ready ticked
         (The system is therefore assuming that all invoices will be paid unless otherwise instructed)

*Operator can then un-tick any invoices that are not to be paid as required. Each supplier should have a tickbox so that all the invoices for that supplier could be un-ticked.

*Operator saves this list as amended and prints or exports this list to spreadsheet and makes the payments.

*Operator clicks "Process" on the saved list to say all ticked items have been paid with single payments.

*Job finished.
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