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0045418Retail ModulesDQMpublic2020-11-11 11:352021-01-25 06:14
0045418: Disable Chrome suggestions in Customer Form
While introducing data in the Customer Form the Chrome suggestions show suggested inputs based on previously introduced information.

This is a security breach, as it exposes confidential data introduced by a previous client (like phone numbers, mail addresses, etc)

Also, it clashes with the DQM suggestion feature.
Log in in the Web POS.

Click on the Customer Field and then in the New Customer button.

Fill the form with several values and save.

Repeat the following steps, in the next form, Chrome will suggest information for fields like mail or phone number based on previous inputs.

This issue can be reproduced with the new skin and in an older version (RR19Q4.4) with the old skin.
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png Screenshot from 2020-11-10 15-47-33.png (108,068) 2020-11-11 11:35

png Screenshot from 2020-11-10 15-45-26.png (292,684) 2020-11-11 11:35
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