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0004526Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-27 17:162011-02-04 09:11
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004526: Process/Unprocess Expense Sheet lines individually
Expense sheet lines inside the same expense sheet header can be associated to order/invoice lines in different order/invoice headers. This is a great feature but the current mechanism to Process/Unprocess expenses has some problems.

Nowadays, there is a button in Expense Sheet header to Process/Unprocess all the expense sheet lines. If one made a mistake in a processed expense sheet line and want to fix it, one has to unprocess all the lines in the same expense sheet header. This is something that it is not always possible since some lines could have been already associated to an order/invoice line.
1) Go to Project & Service Management || Transactions || Expense Sheet || Header
2) Go to Project & Service Management || Transactions || Expense Sheet || Header >> Lines
* Button in Expense Sheet header would be used for Process/Unprocess all the unprocessed/processed expense sheet lines, if they have no related items (i.e., order or invoice lines associated).
* In each expense sheet line, a button to process/unprocess each line, if it has no related items, should be created. If any of the expense sheet lines is unprocessed, the header button has to be set Process in order to process again the uprocessed lines.
Clean-up, ModuleCandidate
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2009-09-28 06:41   
I understand the limitation but I am not sure this is a valid feature request. An expense sheet is a document by itself and it is either processed or unprocessed in its entirety.

I think a different solution to the business problem must be found.