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0045246: OOM exception if misconfigured or files fail to upload consistently
If Amazon S3 is misconfigured or connection is missing while executing "Amazon S3 Migration Process" process, the application will eventually run out of memory because of retrying to upload the same files indefinitely.

The OutOfMemory exception is thrown because of the size of the logger object, as it is never written to file or DB until the process ends.
1. Misconfigure Amazon S3 or generate a file that fails consistently to upload in the attachments folder.
2. Schedule and execute Amazon S3 Migration Process with Max Time set to 0 (infinite).
3. Wait for the OOM, this could take a long time.

Note: Alternatively you can limit the amount of heap memory usage to 1gb and the OOM exception should happen earlier.
Exit the process with failed status if a threshold of consecutive errors is surpassed. For example, number of failed batches is higher than 300, that means potentially 3000 files have failed to upload, and the process should also fail because of this.
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related to defect 0045213 closed cberner Azure: OOM migrating attachements if missconfigured 
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