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0004524Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-27 16:352011-02-04 09:11
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004524: Expenses approval system
Nowadays process/unprocess time (expense) sheet capability is somewhat used as an approval system, which is not 100% correct. Process/Unprocess should only reflect a change from a draft/confirmed status for expense sheets.

An approval system for expenses would be useful in order that the responsible of a project supervises expenses that employees participating in it register in expense sheets.
1) Go to Project & Service Management || Transactions || Expense Sheet || Header
There are two different approaches:
1) Third status for process/unprocess:
** Implement a third state of the Expense Sheet line, apart from processed and unprocessed: Approved.
** The logical path for an expense line would be: Unprocessed > Processed > Approved.
** Processed column in S_TimeExpenseLine should be modified.
** This could interfere with current usages of this field.
2) Approved check-box:
** Create a new column in S_TimeExpenseLine called Approved with possible values Yes/No. This value should not be allowed to change if there are already order or invoice lines associated to this expense sheet lines.
** In Expense Sheet line show Approved check-box which will be read-only.
** Create an Approval window where the responsible could see all the processed expense lines done in the projects he is responsible for.
** In this window only processed time sheet lines will display. Expense sheet lines which have order or invoice lines associated will neither display.
** By default, the filter should only display non-approved expense sheet lines. If he filters, he can also see approved ones (in order to disapprove them).
** By default, the older expense sheet lines will display first.
** Filter for this window:
*** Employee
*** Product
*** Project
*** Project Phase
*** Project Task
*** Expense Date
*** Approved
** This way, he would easily track and approve/disapprove the expense lines of its projects using a 'Approve/Disapprove expense line' button or changing the Approved check-box value (this check-box would be the only non-read-only field).
** This is the better approach.

In both cases:
* A check-box 'Process only approved expenses' should be included in 'Create AP Expenses Invoices' and 'Create Sales Orders from Expenses' processes.
* A column named 'Approved' with possible values 'Yes/No' should be added to the Expense Report.
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