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0004522Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-27 11:462008-11-26 20:20
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004522: Project Type including Standard Duration
For scheduling purposes, it would be useful that Project Type window would include a field called Standard Duration in Standard Phase and Standard Task tabs. This way, while setting a Project Type to a Multiphase project (by pressing Set Project Type button), one could indicate a Starting Date and phases and tasks would automatically be scheduled (i.e., Starting and Contract dates automatically filled) based on their standard duration.
1) Go to Project & Service Management || Setup || Project Type
2) Go to Project & Service Management || Transactions || Multiphase Project
* Add a column named StandardDuration to C_Phase and C_Task tables.
* Add a field named Standard Duration to Standard Phase and Standard Task tabs.
* Modify Set Project Type process in order to display a Starting Date field (not mandatory) and have the hability to schedule multiphase projects (if any Standard Duration has been set to Standard Phases and Tasks).
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depends on feature request 00005542.50 closed rafaroda Projects have no Starting Date field 
depends on feature request 00045072.50 closed rafaroda Project Phases and Project Tasks have no Contract date 
blocks feature request 0000502 acknowledged rmorley Projects enhancements 
blocks feature request 00045632.50 closed rafaroda Project scheduling capabilities enhancement 
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