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0004506Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-24 18:312011-02-04 09:16
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004506: Enhanced Project Evolution report
Add visual indicators and more capabilities to Project Evolution report
Indicators should have a color representing its state:
* Days elapsed: Green if it is negative or zero, Orange if it is positive
* Burned time: Green if its negative or less than 25%, Yellow if it is between 25 and 50%, Orange between 50 and 75% and red if it is over 75 %.
* Completion Percentage: Red if it is below 25%, Orange if it is between 25 and 50%, Yellow between 50 and 75% and Green if it is over 75%.
* Days delayed: Green if it is negative or zero, Red if it is positive.
* Cumulative days delayed: Green if it is negative or zero, Red if it is positive.
depends on feature request 00045052.50 closed rafaroda Project Evolution report 
blocks feature request 0000502 acknowledged rmorley Projects enhancements 
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